The mystery of algorithms

2019 - installation, "Algorithmic Fitness" exhibition

Algorithms decide almost everything we do digitally: what we scroll through, what we follow. But what are algorithms exactly? And why do we know so little about them? This sound installation explores the mystery of algorithms. It recognizes not only your clothes, your body feature, your gender, but also your name, your nationality, your job...etc. It is made out of a crazy algorithm. Or, is it?

"Has anyone seen this video about how google developed an algorithm that can read your tulip? It was an April Fools' Day video which appeared in my recommendation list at the end of April. The stupid thing is, I believed in it halfway, until the cactus in the video said: “leave me alone”.
Technology nowadays grows so fast that we accept new things much more easily. Or not? On the same day that I found out the talking tulip is a prank, I saw another video unboxing the new Galaxy Fold. And I thought it’s a DIY video in which the guy sticks two phones together. Of course, I know now it is an actual phone. Or, do I?
The two videos made me realise that most of the time we don't accept technology as quickly as I thought. Or, we can say that our bodies are easier getting used to it while our brains are all the time confused. The situation is the following: “I know how to use it, but I don’t know how it works.” I know that The Galaxy fold exists, but I have no idea how or why."

(Nai-Syuan Ye's pecha kucha for The Hmm)