Folders - The layers of thoughts

2020 - performance, poster

While thinking about something that is not practical, vague, or even sentimental, our thoughts are not organized. Expressing those thoughts to others is a difficult challenge in communication.

We communicate in different ways in modern society, through email, apps, or in person. While thinking of a vague topic, sending an email is too formal. Texting and conversation in person are too direct. Your thoughts lose content while communicating. There are no layers involved in those communications, you can either say it now or never. I wonder if there is a way of thinking and talking that is both collaboratively and privately.

With my project, I figure a new way of communication through Google Drive Folders. It has a 30-minute time limit and demanded to do it together with your partner. It is not like a direct conversation. You are thinking and typing at the same time, but you still have your privacy of saying things. You can think and talk individually by creating your own folder. You can be involved in your partner’s thoughts while diving into their folders. Folders have layers and hierarchies. You can tell things that you are afraid to tell with a lot of “wall“ folders wrapping it. You can organize your thought by putting the folder in another folder. The words and thinking wouldn’t get cut, people have the total freedom and time of speaking/ thinking whatever pops up in their mind at that moment.

The communication outcome is a collaborative result. When you download the folder from the drive, the names go away and the layer of thought stays.