Gorilla typeface

2018 - type design

Inspired by artist, Angus Fairhurst, artwork - A cheap and ill-fitting Gorilla suit(1995), I made a gorilla typeface. "Quiet" is the word that journalists have chosen to describe Fairhurst. “he was such a funny guy, everyone loved Angus, but he also had a sort of melancholy.” his friend described. Fairhurst lived his life privately. He had a lot of "big name" friends, but he was not as popular. I consider humor to be the way he tried to fit in or the way he tried to react to this "loud" society.

Opposite from Angus Fairhurst's video, I didn't escape from my suit but I jump into my pants, trying to fit in. I didn't have money to buy a gorilla suit so I decided to print out each frame of the video and fill my body with black marker in order to make my own gorilla suit. After I finish marking, I flip the paper, the gorilla typeface was born. Each letter is me somehow struggling with the pants.