Not Fixed

2021 - installation, "what is present" exhibition, Graphic Design Arnhem Graduation Show, ArtEZ

PacketHell needs to be connected to electricity for 3 minutes and during these three minutes, he will sound like “MMMMMMMMMMMMM”. After 3 minutes he will go back to peace but not totally respond to Taegyu the Monitor and show glitches.

What if machines can think? Machines are the "New Kind" we humans made but they are not born. We’re concerned the machines might grow consciousness if technology continues to develop like how humans were created. However, I wonder if machines have a consciousness, there should be no difference between a simple switch and an AI. How about a printer that only works whenever it wants, or a computer that you have to open in a specific way?

Obsolete machines that make no sense and go wild which is different from the new fresh-made machines from the market often trigger me to think if we still understand these human creations. "Not Fixed" is an installation that observes the relationship between machines by fixing them, connecting/matchmaking them, breaking them. As a fixer, the machines gave me a lot of challenges trying to understand them, they have their way of working without being conscious of the user. Some of them are too old, some of them are too broken. Part of them are breathing their last breath, part of them are surely dead. All of them are stubborn, which makes me believe somehow they can think or are just not fixed yet.

The Stories of Machines Back